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Today, companies are using branded research to fuel real PR and content marketing success. We've created a playbook based on extensive experience to help you navigate the complex world of market research so you can conduct the study that meets your objectives and stays on budget.
We are proud to announce that The Fletcher Group was named a 2023 Boutique Agency of the Year by the venerable PR and communications publisher Ragan PR Daily.
Sponsored content is an increasingly popular form of inbound marketing used to reach target audiences. We've collected best practices from decades of experience to craft a comprehensive Sponsored Content Playbook. Let us show you how to make the most of these pay-to-play partnerships.
We are seeking a mid- to senior-level PR consultant to join our team of senior-level professionals working on B2B growth company clients. Email your resume to info@fletchergroupllc.com
We are seeking a junior-level PR consultant to join our team working on B2B growth company clients. Send your resume to info@fletchergroupllc.com!
The holiday season is a great time for retail brands to land highly-visible media placements. However, Q4 is the most crowded and competitive time to pitch. To rise above the noise and capture a piece of the conversation this holiday season, here’s what your pitch team should be doing for you. 
Professional services companies can benefit from modern PR and marketing practices that utilize industry research, branding strategies and content marketing. We show you how it's done with 4 tips (and examples) for integrating PR and marketing to grow your business. 
We interviewed some of the fintech industry’s most dynamic CMOs. Discover what's driving their branding and lead gen strategies heading into 2023 in our new eBook.
TFG's own Alissa Clayton recently attended Tearsheet’s inaugural Power of Payments Conference. Read her takeaways from a day packed with insights.
We sat down with Payments industry veteran Sheree Thornsberry from The ROIG Group to hash out what new entrants to the payments space – fintechs and non-fintechs alike – need to know now.
We’ve combed through MuckRack's 2022 State of PR Report to analyze three key findings informing our current work and our strategic planning for the future.
Fletcher Group Founder and President Jennifer Tramontana was recently named one of PRNEWS’ Top Women in PR for 2022. Jennifer, who founded The Fletcher Group in 2005 and has led the agency for more than 17 years, was honored in the Entrepreneurs category of the awards.
Now more than ever, investing in your B2B brand will yield valuable bottom line returns. We examine what makes branding essential for B2B companies and how to shape your brand story to support your business strategies.
The majority of B2B businesses struggle to generate the marketing qualified leads that are crucial for sales growth. We've been aiding B2B clients in this arena for decades and we've compiled 5 must-dos for B2B marketing success.
We took home a PRSA Bronze Anvil Award of Commendation in the "B2B Media Relations" category this year. We were recognized for our holiday media campaign on behalf client Blackhawk Network. Read more about the award, the campaign and our stellar results.
Leveraging quantitative market research to fuel PR and content marketing campaigns is a great way to build brand awareness, increase share of voice and attract new prospects. We share tips for setting up a market research study that meets your objectives and fits your budget.
Muck Rack's 2022 State of Journalism Report is out. We've identified 5 key trends which will shape how PR Pros and Journalists collaborate (that's right: collaborate!) to publish high quality news and content this year and beyond.
in 2005, The Fletcher Group built a virtual team that put a focus on people and talent versus geographic location and traditional schedules. Here's what we've learned from 15 years of experience in a virtual office where talented, ambitious people come together and own their work experience.
Eighteen months into the COVID pandemic and the ground still feels unsettled under our feet. So how do businesses plan for growth in a time of hyper-rapid change? We examine the top trends and technologies reshaping how PR and marketing teams approach 2022 and beyond.
PR and sales can no longer operate separately. PR must drive sales growth in today's 24/7 news cycle. Here's how to embrace this connection.
Marketing teams are busier and better funded than ever. But in a crowded market, how can you create B2B content marketing that delivers?
We’ve just added a top financial brand and extended a long-time relationship. See why payments and fintech brands select The Fletcher Group.
Journalists, like PR people, have experienced radical shifts in how business gets done. These key changes may influence your approach in 2021.
How does your brand stand out in the inbox, when the average work address gets 121 emails per day? Check out our proven framework to drive measurable, repeatable results.
The Fletcher Group earned two accolades on behalf of client Blackhawk Network by the Public Relations Society of America
The Fletcher Group is growing. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently added several new media and content experts to our strong team of payments and fintech pros.
payment and fintech shows are beginning the transition back to in-person or hybrid formats, so we asked two experts about the digital transformation of industry events and what their role may be going forward.
At The Fletcher Group, we take pride in our media relations expertise. April was another month of steady media relation wins, with some splashy coverage for TFG clients that is too exciting not to share.
Victor Hugo once said, “Nothing else in the world… is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Since 2015, TFG client Payfare has been developing a groundbreaking idea: a fintech solution that provides financial services like instant payouts, digital banking and loyalty/ rewards specifically for gig workers.
We're thrilled to announce The Fletcher Group has won PR Daily’s PR for Lead Generation Award, 2020
At TFG, the end of 2020 and start of the new year has seen all hands on deck promoting our proprietary research with Blackhawk Network, landing national media stories for the RGCA, sharing fresh studies from MetaBank and Netspend and working in tandem with client marketing teams around the globe to strategically plan for the year ahead.
The Fletcher Group is growing! We're looking for PR and marketing pros to join our team. Want to learn more? Read our post for job description and experience requirements, then send us your resume at info@fletchergroup.com.
Women face numerous obstacles to career advancement and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. TFG Founder and President Jennifer Tramontana shares why the work of Wnet is helping to change the culture around women in the workplace.
We recently placed 5 different clients and their messages in one widely-read payments industry news article. Here's how we did it.
When PR and marketing teams collaborate, magical things can happen: Brands can insert impactful, authentic content into the sales process and build stronger relationships with buyers, influencers and advocates along the way.
Marketers often use research to inform and track brand or product strategy, but are missing the opportunity to use it for timely though-leadership.
With business travel grounded, sales teams are working harder to keep deals moving and find new prospects, and they need new support from marketing and PR. Pre-pandemic, these functions could be successful staying siloed. But no more.
In times of crisis, journalists’ priorities change. Five tips to rethink your message and media relations strategy if you want media to cover your news now.
The average client-PR firm relationship lasts only 3 years. What you should ask prospective PR firms, and what you should know before you begin your search.
The Fletcher Group and Blackhawk Network collaborate to build and and execute Blackhawk's media and PR strategies for B2B and consumer-facing brands.
It’s time to take a proactive approach accelerate your marketing plan. Use these four concepts to guide your approach.
At The Fletcher Group, we counsel our clients on the following six principles to effectively communicate in a time of change.
The Fletcher Group’s analysts curate the day’s most critical stories that relate to COVID-19 impacting the payments and fintech industry from the most trusted national and international outlets. Subscribe now to receive our daily COVID-19 news roundup.
Access the 2020 Payments and Fintech Shows and Awards List to get a full picture of those events or programs making moves, and we'll stay in touch with timely submission deadlines and tips.
The Fletcher Group is offering one hour of crisis communications counsel free of charge.
Access the final installment, “The Future of Retail,” which uncovers insights from retail innovators showcased at The SUMMIT and dives into the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for modernizing retail payments.
Our founder and president, Jennifer Tramontana, is featured in Forbes revealing the five emerging retail technology trends that will lead the charge in 2020.
Public relations and earned media software company Cision released its annual State of the Media Report, investigating the roles of truth and trust in the business of journalism. Access the top five eye-opening takeaways from 2019.
Access seven key elements journalists use to decide if your pitch is newsworthy, and PR best practices to make sure it is.
Access five B2B marketing strategies that we've helped clients implement to fill the sales funnel with more MQLs.
A leading global fintech publication, Fintech Finance, recently interviewed our founder and president, Jennifer Tramontana, at Money20/20 USA.
Here are five guidelines to keep in mind when developing an effective content strategy for your industry event.
Access the first installment in our research paper series that summarizes need-to-know topics about Canadian payments, gleaned through insights at the event.
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Forbes recently published insights from our founder and president, Jennifer Tramontana, about how companies can build a brand that stands out and maintain the staying power to succeed.
Check out our Business Communications: Top 5 Concepts in 2019 infographic revealing the top takeaways from the conference, useful for anyone who communicates on behalf of a business.
The PRSA Gold Pick Awards recognize the most impactful PR campaigns executed throughout the year. This year, we were honored to win gold in the media campaign category for our media relations work with our client Donor Alliance.
Access the first installment in our research paper series that summarizes need-to-know topics about Canadian payments, gleaned through insights at the event
A good brainstorm has the capacity to shape a new project into the next award-winning campaign or idea.
Sponsoring your organization’s content on LinkedIn to drive new top-of-funnel relationships with the right decision makers.
Forbes recently published insights from Jennifer Tramontana, president and founder at The Fletcher Group, about the value of LinkedIn sponsored content for B2B organizations.
Access Euromonitor International's white paper titled, What’s new In Retail Edition 3: Emerging Global Concepts, that reveals 12 innovative brands revolutionizing retail.
Social media is a useful tool for B2B marketers to engage with clients, prospects, and influencers, build long-lasting relationships, boost SEO and drive quality leads into the top of the sales funnel.
As a native Canadian and payments industry veteran, I love this event and am honored to speak at the largest payments conference in the country.
I am thrilled to emcee and moderate at the 2019 CPPO Prepaid Symposium.
With more than a million millennials becoming moms every year and as a new mom myself, parental leave is a hot topic and one that has historically been a challenge in our industry.
In honor of IDW2019, The PayPod, a Payments Canada podcast, recently invited me to join a panel discussion about women leading change in the payments industry.
Cracking the code for building a company culture and retaining employees is no small feat. Access my recent Forbes contribution sharing strategies for cultivating a winning company culture.
View the emerging retail tech trends that will shape retail in 2020 and beyond.
The Fletcher Group was founded more than a decade ago as a new kind of agency that is both self-managed and entirely remote.
As part of our work with our client Donor Alliance, we were honored to take home two awards from the 2018 Colorado Healthcare Communicators Gold Leaf Awards.
We measure our success by the success of our clients. And it’s immensely rewarding when we add value to award-winning programs that help further our clients’ businesses.
Public relations and earned media software company Cision released its annual State of the Media Report, investigating a challenging year for journalists.
At the Fletcher Group, we pride ourselves on tying the results of our PR and marketing programs to our clients’ business objectives.
Every business will face a crisis at some point, whether of your own making or driven by external forces outside your control.
Since Money20/20 launched in 2012, The Fletcher Group has been heavily involved in landing speakers, securing sponsorships and hosting special events for our clients.
Creative copywriting can be tricky to assemble in a way that captures the voice of the customer and makes them thirsty for more.
Crisis planning can be overwhelming, but you know it’s necessary. Also, bad news travels quickly amidst today’s condensed news cycle. So being prepared before a crisis is more important than ever.
B2B lead generation is rarely a straight path. When was the last time a customer headed to your landing page, clicked a few times and called looking for a contract?
Many B2B companies shy away from investing in their brands. They argue that buyers only make decisions based on product viability, ease of integration and cost. We disagree.
Color trends impact us all. From home decor to fashion to event design, color and color expressions change. Brands, even B2B brands, are not immune.
Ever-expanding digital platforms, 24-hour news cycles and citizen journalism are the norm for media today. This means, despite the best laid plans, there are more ways for your business to find itself in the middle of a reputation scare than ever before.
As a PR and marketing agency we often help clients develop new websites. We recently went through the same experience.
We help growth companies generate leads and nurture them to a quicker close. Two departments are critical in this process – sales and marketing.
There are countless benefits of working remotely. Besides flexibility and days without road rage, one of the top perks of being a remote business like The Fletcher Group is that every day is Take Your Pet to Work Day.
Sales enablement and training is a massive industry surpassing $66 million in 2016, yet many sales reps are ignoring marketing resources and overlooking PR content that can help push prospects to the finish line.
Access the 2018-2019 Payments and Fintech Shows and Awards List, and we’ll stay in touch with timely submission deadlines and tips to make your life easier throughout the year.
We pride ourselves on connecting our PR and marketing programs to our clients’ business goals. Media relations is no exception.
According to Gallup, nearly half of U.S. workers—43 percent—spend at least some time working remotely; at Fletcher Group, that number is 100 percent.
We are pleased to announce that CashStar, Meta Financial Group, Netspend and Paytm Canada have named The Fletcher Group as their agency of record for 2018.
If you want the best relationship with your Marketing or PR agency and the best return for your money, look for a lifestyle business.
There is no shortage of crystal ball predictions for fintech trends, but one thing is certain: The explosive growth of financial technology is disrupting long-standing financial institutions and mobile-first applications are driving fintech companies deeper into our wallets and financial lives.
Every business knows that social media is a must, but using it successfully can be a moving target.
The Fletcher Group is thrilled to be recognized, alongside our client Blackhawk Network, with a “Best-in-Category” honor in the ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ category by the 2017 Pay Awards.
The Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization (CPPO), the leading voice of the prepaid industry in Canada, hosted a one-day symposium in May to discuss the changing nature of the Canadian prepaid market.
Each year, we are honored to work with our client Donor Alliance to raise awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation during April, National Donate Life Month.
We sat down with our president and founder and CPPO executive director, Jennifer Tramontana, to talk about the significance of the CPPO Prepaid Symposium and the Canadian payments market.
When you create content, are you writing for your target audience, or for search engines? The answer should be both, but what if it’s neither?
The U.S. market provides a myriad of opportunities for Canadian technology companies to grow and reach new customers, but its size and stature can also make it hard to navigate.
To channel the infamous mission statement in Jerry Maguire ‘The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business,’ the PR/marketing agency model could use some straight talk.
Fintech is democratizing financial services and helping underserved populations. Access this infographic to learn how your company can stand out in a crowded market.
I regularly counsel clients on media relations – how best to build relationships with media, secure valuable media coverage and make it onto reporters’ coveted lists of expert sources.
If you have great content that’s not getting the attention it deserves, think about how multimedia elements can draw attention to your topic.
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Consumers follow businesses on social media because they want to see what’s trending and connect with brands to understand what they stand for.
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