We’ve Done Things Differently
From the Beginning.

Since 2005, we’ve invested in a supportive, tech-forward and flexible work environment for exceptional, senior, business-minded PR and marketing pros to promote better outcomes for clients and drive team and client retention. And it has paid off.

We have earned our reputation as an award-winning PR and content marketing agency with client and team retention rates that well exceed industry averages. And in 2023, we were awarded PR Daily Agency of the Year in the boutique agency category. 

Our Culture Measurably
Improves Outcomes.

Not only does your team stick with you, it’s also packed with experts. You’ll have leaders at the helm of a senior-level group who are passionate about client service. Our experienced teams excel at connecting PR and marketing initiatives to business outcomes, and make the most complex businesses sound simple.

not a typical agency

We are Decidedly
Different Partners.

What to Expect.

We’ve built long-term client relationships by standing firmly on these six pillars.

We’re just as passionate about what you do as you are. We are your trusted experts who know how to elevate your brand with buyers and in the media.

We know every corner of fintech and payments, which means we know how to embed your brand with audiences that matter and deliver opportunities in your priority verticals. After helping you identify trends, we can insert your brand into conversations happening in the media using original research and content.

Using our deep market knowledge, we identify compelling brand stories and create content that builds trust and nurtures your reputation.

Check out our award-winning case studies to see our proven track record of hitting KPIs, driving leads and boosting sales.

We will expand your market position by elevating your storytelling and creating connections. The key to building lasting awareness is defining authentic, defendable brand positions that go beyond features and functionality.

We are storytellers, and we know that when the words are right, buyers know what you mean, what you offer, and gain confidence in your solution. Done wrong, and buyers are left confused or your business reputation can be damaged.

That’s why we focus on making your brand story clear and easy to understand. When we simplify even the most complex product positioning by focusing on the value you create for clients, results follow.

Elevated brand storytelling makes complicated subjects approachable and interesting.  And it isn’t just for media—it should help you bring in leads, increase your share of voice, build domain authority and drive sales. Along the way, your executive team can be seen as thought leaders in the industries you serve.

While most companies compete on price and features alone, we help you build emotional connections with your buyers that generate long term loyalty.

We are businesspeople first with a high “get-it” factor. We are strategic advisors with an unmatched understanding of your industry, your challenges, the key players and how to navigate the field.

We’ve been around the block a few times, and it’s safe to say we’ve helped build the block. Our experience in fintech and payments includes promising startups, established industry titans, and many more soon-to-be leaders. Through our extensive network and knowledge, you get access to the coverage, opportunities and partnerships you deserve.

We are strategic advisors who focus on PR and content marketing. With our understanding of your business and industry, we are a strong partner that can accelerate your growth.

When you dream big, we dream up big things that drive results, and together we push the limits of what’s possible.

You have high expectations, and we love that because it takes our creativity to the next level. We meet clients where they are and help them get to where they need to be. Our proven framework helps clients address internal gaps to build a foundation that supports today’s KPIs—and tomorrow’s success.

Clients stay with us because we stay with them. We grow together by meeting clients where they are and support them by delivering content and PR that gets them to where they need to be.

Our carefully crafted culture drives the highest team retention rates in the industry, so you aren’t constantly losing momentum. And we’re a steady partner when your goals, messaging, plan or position change (and they always do) because we adapt quickly to support those big dreams.

We also understand and adapt to market challenges. As trends emerge and challenges arise, our versatility helps you fill in marketing and messaging gaps. We think big, anticipate your needs, act quickly and build programs to navigate potential roadblocks and still exceed expectations.

We prioritize and measure what matters to your C-suite.

PR and marketing programs must drive business results. We drive strategy that aligns with key business objectives and measure what matters most. Our reports include the data that’s most important to you, your executives and your business goals.

From brand awareness and share of voice that paves the way for growth, to acquisition and nurture results that impact every stage of the sales funnel, we help your team deliver real value and demonstrate ROI. Plus, we equip you for informed conversations about how your brand is really doing compared to the competition.

Our Clients.

Choose The Fletcher Group, and you’ll be in good company.

I have hired The Fletcher Group as our PR and marketing partner at two different organizations. I rely on their strategic advice and insights and their expertise is unsurpassed in the payments industry. They are valued partners.”

—  Jeff Johnson, Chief Prepaid Officer
Western Union

We’d love to work with you.

Our Awards.

Bringing home awards is always fun. We are proud of our achievements, all earned in partnership with our clients.