Forbes: 5 B2B Marketing Strategies to Generate Qualified Leads



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Leading global media company, Forbes, published insights from our founder and president, Jennifer Tramontana, sharing five B2b marketing strategies companies can use to generate qualified leads.

Most B2B companies struggle with lead generation and delivering marketing qualified leads (MQLs) that are valuable to sales. A HubSpot study revealed that only 7% of salespeople said they receive “very high quality” leads from marketing. So how do you stop this cycle of friction between sales and marketing?

Here are five B2B marketing strategies that we’ve helped clients implement to fill the sales funnel with more MQLs:

  1. Set the foundation with thought leadership.
  2. Turn more passive visitors into active prospects with a lead-generation-focused website.
  3.  Sponsored content should be in every marketing plan.
  4. Leverage the hyper-targeting abilities of social media.
  5. Tradeshow marketing strategies can captivate attendees and drive new leads.

For a deeper dive into these five strategies, access the full Forbes article here.