Forbes: Beating the Buzz – Building Brand Awareness that Lasts



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Forbes recently published insights from our founder and president, Jennifer Tramontana, about how companies are building brand awareness that stands out and maintain the staying power to succeed. For brands new to the market, or those that are revisiting their age-old marketing strategies, following a handful of core marketing pathways provides the opportunity to keep your brand safely humming away, above the noise. The Forbes article expands on these five ways your company can beat the buzz and build awareness that lasts.

  1. Self-publish several pieces of content on your website to boost SEO.
  2. Make sure your company’s social profile is complete, so you look like a credible, knowledgeable organization.
  3. Connect with media because they play a crucial role in telling your brand story.
  4. Tap into email marketing to promote your content and nurture leads through the sales funnel.
  5. Sponsored campaigns through LinkedIn is a highly successful way to extend your content.

Access the full tips and insights in the Forbes article here