The Fletcher Group is a boutique agency that operates on a virtual model. This approach not only keeps overhead low and passes the savings onto our clients, but allows us to work with seasoned professionals to manage accounts. Our clients appreciate our responsive service but also our commitment to senior-level professionals who can both drive strategy and execute on tactics.

  • Jennifer Tramontana

    Jennifer Tramontana

    President and Founder

  • Erin Dolin

    Erin Dolin

    Executive Vice President

  • Carey Madsen

    Carey Madsen


  • Amanda Fiech

    Amanda Fiech


  • Ashley Jackson

    Ashley Jackson

    Senior Associate

  • Heidi Weinstein

    Heidi Weinstein

    Senior Associate

  • Courtney Brunkow

    Courtney Brunkow

    Senior Associate

  • Brendan Ragan

    Brendan Ragan

    New Media Specialist

  • Alex Melberg

    Alex Melberg

    The Fletcher Group

  • Robin Zimmerman

    Robin Zimmerman

    Media Relations Specialist

  • Lindsey M. Abshire

    Lindsey M. Abshire

    Media Relations Specialist

  • Geoff Renstrom

    Geoff Renstrom

    Media Relations Specialist

  • Joe McGranaghan

    Joe McGranaghan

    Coordinator and Copywriter