7 Sweeps Strategy: The Key to Capturing the Voice of the Customer



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Creative copywriting can be tricky to assemble in a way that captures the voice of the customer and makes them thirsty for more. But here at The Fletcher Group, we live, eat and breathe copywriting and curating content that drives action and sets our clients apart. And, admittedly, many of us are proud to identify ourselves as word junkies, grammar geeks or AP Style pros.

But, beyond great grammar and copy, we know it is critical to ensure every nugget of content resonates with the voice of the customer. Our team recently watched a webinar presented by Agility PR Solutions entitled, “Better Messaging: 5 Tips on Writing Copy That Drives Action” that shared intel about how to write copy that matters. Joanne Wiebe, the webinar special guest and copywriting expert, shared one big idea that resonated with our approach to delivering great content for our clients – the seven sweeps.

Here’s a look at the seven sweeps every PR and marketing pro should apply before wrapping up and tying a bow on their content:

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