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From neobanks, fintechs and stored value to B2B and consumer payments, we’re experts in how money moves. People are more willing and able than ever to embrace new types of payments and financial services. Fintechs and non-financial brands alike are deepening customer relationships by adding these capabilities to their own ecosystems.

Meanwhile, businesses need faster, easier and more cost-effective ways to move money, and brands are creating new value by digitizing this process. What has emerged is an expectation from consumers and businesses that payments will be fast and frictionless, and they expect choice and convenience in how they pay anytime and anywhere. For ecommerce and mobile-first companies, seamless checkout is an essential part of the customer experience.

As a result, strategic planning around the customer journey now extends all they way through the payment journey too, because buyers want to transact on their terms, with their preferred payment methods.

We’ve played a role in shifting the business world from manual paper-based transactions to digital experiences, and we’re excited about the future of the industries we serve.

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