We are experts in payments, fintech, ecommerce and retail tech; industries that have grown to overlap and complement each other. The Fletcher Group network is vast and we find ways to make strategic client introductions for media opportunities and speaking events. We also plan the content for three fintech and retail technology events and manage two trade associations in the space. We publish our own research and thought leadership. We provide our clients deep, actionable insights to inform their strategy.

Payments and Fintech

The most experienced and knowledgeable PR and marketing agency for payments and fintech in North America.

We are central players in this dynamic and evolving industry. Organizations are innovating ways to help people pay, get paid, borrow money and save. Marketing and communications must keep up in this competitive landscape. We support payments companies of all sizes, from rapid-growth startups to large, public organizations. We help clients navigate the complex public discourse on payments and stand out amidst the noise. We are well-connected experts, sought after by major conferences, think tanks and industry associations.

Mobile and E-Commerce

Customized PR and marketing strategies that drive buyer behavior.

We combine media, content, influencers and social media into cohesive campaigns. As a result, our clients attract new buyers and drive more traffic to their sites. Our programs build awareness and support SEO in meaningful ways.

Retail Technology

Where things get done at the critical intersection of retail, technology and commerce.

Consumers want integrated shopping experiences that feel personal and seamless. The retail sector is responding by becoming more integrated than ever. We elevate clients in this exciting arena by capitalizing on trends and creating stories that are a step ahead of the crowd.  We use original research to create impactful thought leadership.

Professional Services

We have the people and solutions to make your team shine.

We understand professional services firms because we are one. We help clients communicate their unique expertise and intangibles (like team, approach and “it” factor.) This storytelling, paired with bulletproof audience targeting, drives meaningful business outcomes.

SaaS Platforms

PR and marketing that scales with your growing business.

SaaS companies tend to scale quickly, which means an evolving PR and marketing strategy. We move fast, and use a sophisticated, integrated campaign approach that supports the sales cycle. News to drive top-of-funnel awareness and thought leadership that builds trust and drives consideration. This strategy helps SaaS companies target and attract enterprise-level contracts.

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