We’re Speaking at Money 20/20



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We’re excited to announce that we will be leading a panel at this year’s Money 20/20 USA Conference. Money20/20, the largest US event for the financial services industry with more than 13,000 attendees last year, will be held in Las Vegas, October 22-25, 2023.

Our panel will focus on the unique role women CMOs play in shaping some of the biggest brands in payments and fintech. The Fletcher Group annually surveys women CMOs in fintech to better understand their challenges, innovations and perspectives. This research results in a published study. The panel, led by TFG President Jennifer Tramontana, will examine new findings from this year’s study and highlight the work of leading women CMOs. Panelists include Elise Brown, CMO at Anthemis, Sheri Chin, CMO at Galileo Financial Technologies and Autumn Flora, CMO at Transact Campus. Book your ticket to the conference and be sure to catch us on Wednesday, October 25th.



While fintech generally receives poor marks for lack of women founders and CEOs, and the difficulty women face in raising capital, women are leading the way in fintech marketing.

And in an industry that was born out of expanding financial services to underserved markets, there is a critical need for brands to build not only awareness, but deep trust and affinity.

In this session we will present results from our annual survey of women CMOs from brand-name payments and fintech companies, whose unique contributions and insights are critical to industry growth and success.




ELISE BROWN: Elise is a Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Anthemis, specializing in Marketing and Investor Relations. She holds over a decade of strategic marketing experience in the finance sector, with senior roles at a private equity firm, JP Morgan Asset Management, and Edward Jones. Elise’s approach adds a much-needed human touch to fintech, helping firms increase their market share.

Recognized as an Inspiring Fintech Female 2020 by New York Fintech Women, her insights have been featured in Fast Company and various podcasts. Committed to diversity, Elise actively works to amplify opportunities for underrepresented groups within the fintech industry.

SHERI CHIN: Sheri is a fintech marketing executive with deep experience in ecommerce, global payments, banking, lending and SaaS platforms. As CMO at Galileo Financial Technologies, Sheri has built and launched the marketing center of excellence and has more than tripled account and revenue growth.

She also has proven success enabling early stage, emerging and large public companies to build brand, grow revenue and deliver long term value in competitive, high growth, multi-cultural environments.

Sheri specializes in creating global B2B, B2C, B2B2C marketing strategies that are multi-channel, integrated and data driven. She is passionate about building a culture of success where the companies and people she works with thrive and prosper – financially, professionally and personally.

AUTUM FLORA: As the Chief Marketing Officer at Transact Campus, Autumn is a strategic and growth minded B2B, B2B2C and B2C marketing leader with more than two decades of experience in global payments, eCommerce, and fintech. Since joining Transact nearly two years ago, Autumn has transformed and accelerated Transact’s marketing organization and strategy, elevating brand awareness and driving growth of the company’s award-winning, innovative campus technology and payment solutions.

JENNIFER TRAMONTANA: Jennifer is a sought-after partner for payments and fintech brands that are passionate about leading and disrupting digital financial services. She leads The Fletcher Group, an award-winning PR and marketing agency with a passion for payments, which represents many top fintech companies. She was named 2022 PR News Woman of the Year in the Entrepreneur Category.

Jennifer is also co-founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization. Her writings and commentary have been featured in CBC, American Banker, Forbes, The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail and Payments Journal. She is a board member of the Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization, sits on the Presidents Advisory Committee for Paytech Women and is a past Money 20/20 Rise Up Mentor.

The Fletcher Group is woman-owned business with an all-female executive team, a caring and engaging culture for all and a driver of propelling women’s careers in payments and fintech.