What our pets can teach us about building a smart business

There are countless benefits of working remotely. Besides flexibility and days without road rage, one of the top perks of being a remote business like The Fletcher Group is that every day is Take Your Pet to Work Day.

While our furry coworkers are undoubtedly cute, numerous studies have shown that having pets at work actually offers a multitude of meaningful benefits, like: improving morale, reducing stress and helping coworkers interact.

Another fun fact: The Fletcher Group was named after our founder Jennifer Tramontana’s dog Fletcher! And though it’s not by design, a number of our guiding principles are traits that pets share, too. These values are excellent for building a smart business or creating a meaningful partnership:

Loyalty: Dogs are the embodiment of loyalty. Much like our canine companions, we strive to make each of our clients feel as though they are our only client. Clients are partners and their success is our success.

Creativity: Anyone that has owned a pet will have likely walked into a room at some point, seen their furry friend and wondered, “how did you do that/get up there/find that?!” They got creative. In some cases, very creative. In our work, the cornerstone to a successful program is smart, creative content. We generate the compelling stories that help propel our partners’ businesses.

Resilience: Pets are quick to adapt after a move, change in routine or even a minor setback. Most businesses are always changing and evolving. As a successful partner we need to be nimble and ready to adjust our strategy to respond to shifting trends and business needs in order to deliver impactful results.

Trustworthiness: You can always rely on your pet to be there when you need them –  for the highs and the lows. Every organization needs a trustworthy team to help navigate the ups and downs that inevitably come with running a business. Our team’s responsiveness and deep industry expertise make us trusted advisors for our client partners.

We love the benefits of having home office companions. Our gratitude to Fletcher, Duncan, Greta, Rosie, Penny, Bella, Maisy, Maddie, Chloe and Lucy for helping us to be successful.

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