Jennifer Tramontana

President and Founder

Jennifer is a sought-after communications partner for B2B growth companies. Her direct approach and razor-sharp business acumen make her a favorite with executives and a trusted advisor to client organizations. Under her guidance, The Fletcher Group has earned a reputation for smart marketing and PR strategy and exceptional client service.

Jennifer specializes in advising clients in the era of modern communications, which blurs the lines between news, opinion, and influencers, and is delivered in both traditional and digital channels. A businessperson first, and a marketer second, Jennifer develops communications solutions that drive quantifiable value and help brands to tell memorable stories.

She serves various non-profit associations, speaks at conferences and events, publishes articles and opinion pieces and has served as a founder and executive director to several trade associations serving her clients’ industries. She has worked with businesses, foundations and government agencies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, bringing an international perspective to her work.