Case Study


An international, integrated PR and content marketing strategy

Executing an international, integrated PR and content marketing strategy

TreviPay, the global B2B payments and invoicing network, selected The Fletcher Group as its Agency of Record to expand brand awareness in payments, eCommerce and retail verticals through public relations and content marketing in North American, European and UK markets​.

We executed a two-prong PR strategy via media relations and executive visibility programming to elevate TreviPay’s brand awareness and position its leaders as helping to shape the future of B2B commerce. Our program expanded share of voice vs competitors, exceeded previous domain authority and introduced TreviPay messaging to new media, aligning with product launches in hospitality, small business and aviation industries.

For content marketing, the team developed a comprehensive strategy to generate over a thousand leads and nudge prospects through the sales cycle. We created a sophisticated eBook or whitepaper for each sponsored content campaign, which was then developed into a set of corresponding marketing assets, including webinars, blogs, social media content, email marketing and sales enablement materials.  As a result, we increased brand visibility within core verticals, generated marketing-qualified leads and helped drive website traffic above the client’s averages. 

In addition, we launched a paid LinkedIn advertising campaign to target TreviPay’s retail vertical. Our team managed everything from audience targeting, copy creation, designing the visuals, bidding strategy, A/B testing and ongoing ad optimization. We kicked off the campaign with an awareness objective, moved to a website visit strategy, and then shifted to a lead generation strategy. The campaign exceeded all LinkedIn advertising benchmarks. 

  • By taking a proactive editorial approach with suite of spokespeople, we generated 255 media placements (including 65+ in EU and UK outlets) and more than 347 million impressions at the end of October 2022. Notable placements include Tearsheet, American Banker, Entrepreneur, Forbes and
  • Over 54% of media coverage appeared alongside good company in tier one outlets​, and we earned a Very Strong Domain Authority score (61) to ensure quality of placements.

Throughout the year, we managed 16 sponsored content opportunities with 39 content pieces created to generate brand awareness in core verticals, drive top-of-funnel leads and then nurture them to close. The campaigns included: 

  • 9 eBooks/whitepapers, 16 blogs, 3 case studies, as well as presentations and articles
  • 1,300 leads generated
  • The team also focused on driving website traffic that performed above TreviPay’s averages through sales enablement materials. The results: A bounce rate 2.5% lower than the client’s already strong average and an increased average session duration of 2:06 compared to the client’s average of 1:08. 

With over half a million impressions, the LinkedIn retail campaign exceeded every LinkedIn ad industry benchmark. We also paid well below the industry average per click and still received high ad engagement. Plus, the bounce rate was low, meaning we selected the right mix of content for the audience. 

  • Cost per click of $1.22, which is well below the average of $6 to $11 per click
  • Click-through rate of 0.53%, which is 56% higher than the industry benchmark
  • An average bounce rate of just 11.9% compared to the average 41-56%