Case Study


Content marketing for the leading digital banking and payments organization in Canada

The Canadian Prepaid Providers Organization (CPPO) is the leading digital banking and payments association in Canada. Through thought leadership, speaking engagements and content marketing The Fletcher Group has helped the organization grow membership and revenue 4X in 5 years and establish its position as the leading voice to business and government on payments innovation.

  • We launched a newsletter, Payments Futures, a source for payments news and information in Canada. 
  • Payments Futures has seen a 41% subscriber growth in 2021 with an average open rate of 30.4% and average click-to-open rate: 21.4%, much higher than industry averages.
  • The CPPO Newsroom supports the growth of members’ businesses and the industry through research, education and content . Site traffic has also seen a significant increase in engagement in 2021.
  • Users have increased 51%; New users have increased 53%, YOY
  • Sessions and pageviews have increased 45%, YOY
  • Content marketing has also created a significant boost across social channels
  • 125% increase in impressions, YOY
  • 143% increase in engagements, YOY
  • 118% increase in post link clicks, YOY
  • The CPPO hosts the Prepaid Symposium which has grown into a marquee payments innovation thought leadership conference in Canada.