At The Fletcher Group, we acknowledge that equal opportunity does not exist for all in our country and society. Systemic racism exists, racial inequality exists, gender inequality exists, and discrimination based on sexual identity exists. The Fletcher Group gives equal opportunity and respect to any person who applies to work at our company and with whom we interact with through our clients and partners. Equity, diversity and inclusion are part of our company DNA. We do not tolerate any behavior that runs counter to this cornerstone value.

The Fletcher Group has been dedicated to advancing equity at our company since our inception and we counsel our clients to promote diverse perspectives and be honest, authentic, ethical communicators.

Diversity increases creativity, problem solving and innovation. Promoting it is not only the right thing to do, but it benefits our business, our clients and society. Our role of trusted advisors is only gained through the highest ethical behavior. 

As communicators, we have a lot of responsibility to promote diverse perspectives – through the content and visuals we create, the authors and perspectives we highlight, the teams we nominate for awards and the speakers we position at events. 

As leaders of a business, we must also work to advance equity and diversity within our organization. This requires specific, deliberate actions that enable change. We will use our networks, our platforms, and our influence to create new opportunities for more diverse representation and inclusion. 

Specifically, we are committed to:

  1. Amplifying the good work and voices of people of color in our industry.
  2. Working with vendors and partners that promote equity and representation for marginalized groups.
  3. Requiring that conferences we plan and participate in represent truly inclusive voices and perspectives.
  4. Being an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.
  5. Counseling our clients to promote and seek out diverse perspectives and voices for thought leadership, spokesperson roles and award opportunities.
  6. Counseling our clients to look inward to ensure their programs and policies support their commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  7. Continually examining our diversity and inclusion commitments to ensure we are living up to our stated goals, having a true impact and adding additional measures to advance these aims.
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