Introduced faster payments solutions to new target audiences

MetaBank, a federally chartered bank and one of the largest issuers of prepaid cards in the U.S., wanted to transform its brand perception from a community bank and traditional prepaid card issuer into an enabler of faster payments solutions for innovative businesses and fintech brands. We created a transformative campaign that included strategic mix of marketing and PR, grounded in original research on consumers’ preferences for faster payments.

We commissioned, executed and interpreted a national research study of 1,200 U.S. consumers as the basis
for numerous PR and marketing assets to promote the campaign and launch Meta’s faster payments offering.
Working in close collaboration with Meta’s internal sales and marketing team, we implemented a dynamic infographic to promote the research findings, a press release, pitched and secured bylined articles and media coverage, implemented a sponsored LinkedIn campaign directed at specific companies and industries within their target audience, executed a Google AdWords campaign, a targeted email campaign and an industry analyst partnership and briefing resulting in featured content.


The Results

The team drove 25 media placements and in total earned media readership exceeding 38.6 million. Meta surpassed its competitors for share of voice for the duration of the campaign and was front and center with prospects in industries they’d never been able to reach before. The campaign generated more than 110,000 social media and search impressions. The targeted email campaign generated a 39% open rate and more than a 17% click-through rate. Visitors spent a whopping 6+ minutes on the infographic webpage. The landing page and media coverage were top sources of traffic to Meta’s website for more than 12 months.

Media Placements
Social Media and Search Impressions
Minutes on Site
Million Readership
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