The Future of Retail Research Paper Image

Even though brick-and-mortar dominates online sales by more than $20 trillion, according to Shopify, there is no denying that technology is shaping the future of retail experiences globally.

With ecommerce activity more than doubling over the past few years in Canada, what is in store for modernizing retail payments?

As a research partner for The Payments Canada SUMMIT, we had the opportunity to hear from Canadian and international retail experts at the conference and develop a research paper series about need-to-know payments topics like AI, collaboration and modernizing retail.

We learned that the retail landscape is changing dramatically with the digitization of shopping and shifts in consumer behavior. At The SUMMIT, leading retailers from the U.S. and Canada touched on hot topics about the transformation of the retail industry and removal of friction from the customer journey with modernized payments.

Access the final installment, “The Future of Retail,” which uncovers insights from retail innovators showcased at The SUMMIT and dives into the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for modernizing retail payments.

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