At The Fletcher Group, we’re always excited to see our clients innovating and leading the conversation in their respective fields. We work hard to make sure they get the attention they deserve. The end of 2020 and start of the new year has seen all hands on deck promoting our proprietary research with Blackhawk Network, landing stories on retail gift card solutions for the RGCA, sharing fresh studies from MetaBank and Netspend and working in tandem with client marketing teams around the globe to strategically plan for the year ahead.



To close out 2020 and leap into the new year with momentum, Team TFG leveraged Blackhawk Network’s BrandedPay research into media hits and promoted Original Content reward cards as hot holiday retail trends. Just before the holiday, we earned coverage in several national media outlets, including a CNBC story: Holiday gift-card buying could help boost retail sales in 2021, ex-Walmart exec says

The CNBC article features an interview with and commentary from former Walmart president and CEO, Bill Simon, now a retail and business analyst. The coverage devotes significant ink to BHN BrandedPay research for 2020, including the full 2nd paragraph which explores our data. This coverage was picked up and syndicated in RetailWire and in 31 local outlets across the country as well!

Additionally, our research was touted in Bloomberg and included in a new story in Fortune: Americans are on track to buy more gift cards this holiday season than ever before. This coverage saw extensive reach nationally, to the tune of 33 pickups by local media outlets, including radio and broadcast networks across the country.



During the holiday season, we partnered with contacts at numerous national outlets interested in quotes from experts in the retail gift card space. Our client the Retail Gift Card Association provided industry perspective to the likes of Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal.

The Fox Business article directly quotes the Association on the topic of gift card security. The piece also notes that gift cards have been the most popular holiday gift in the U.S. for several years in a row- a core RGCA message.  The Wall Street Journal story dives deep into this holiday season’s gift card boom and quotes RGCA Chairman Nathan Erlich throughout. 



Early in 2021, two of our clients- MetaBank and Netspend- released highly anticipated payments industry studies. The MetaBank research received a headline and a full article from Payments Journal and led Global Fintech Series to post a guest piece from MetaBank’s Jennifer Worly. Meanwhile, Global Fintech Series also dove into the top takeaways from the Netspend study.  


We’re thrilled to see game-changing research and thought leadership coming from our clients. We’re also proud of our team members for effectively amplifying important messages across the media and social landscapes. It has certainly been a busy start to the year, but we don’t take a break from our commitment to excellence in all our PR and Marketing projects.

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