At The Fletcher Group, we’re proud to represent several top-tier firms in the ever-growing payments and fintech space. We have fifteen years experience in the sector and have been consistently shaping the narrative around the industry’s growth (read Our Story to get an idea of our growth). Our clients turn to us for our expertise and long-standing connections in all corners of the payments sector and we help deliver that message to the right audiences at the perfect moment.

Through relationship building with influential reporters and editors, we’ve established ourselves as trusted storytellers and go-to authorities among numerous payments industry trade publications as well as larger business and national news outlets. We successfully earn media placements for our clients’ messages and thought leadership pieces. 

Case in point: Tearsheet’s recent year-end look at payments trends. The article, Payments in 2021: Experts Weigh in…, features sizable quotes from 5 executives at top payments companies. All 5 of the quoted companies are Fletcher Group clients

The article highlights 5 trends in payments which will dominate the industry in 2021. Rimal Farrukh, who authored the piece, kicks each of the 5 trends to one of the experts sought to expound on its importance. Helena Mo of Blackhawk Network covers the “Digitization of payments in retail,” Jennifer Worley of MetaPayments– “financial inclusion,” Peter Krauss of Arroweye Solutions– “Payments cards and marketing mixes,” Andrew Garner of Netspend– “Contactless payments and payroll,” and Clay Wilkes of Galileo tackles “Embedded finance.” 

The article reads like an expert-level panel discussion featuring a who’s-who of industry thought leaders exploring where fintech is headed in 2021.

Working internally across accounts, our team concentrated the media relations objectives of 5 different clients into a single narrative of payments trends in 2021, while allowing the separate firms to assert their thought leadership on selected topics. This approach gave each executive an opportunity to present a unique perspective on a single payments trend, while providing each with the same popular platform for distributing their thought leadership. Furthermore, garnering segmented coverage for a single article touting “experts” allowed each of our 5 clients to share the “expert” honorific without crossing lanes to compete with the others’ message.

Coverage like this- featuring 5 clients in one article- is a rare feat and doesn’t come about through luck. We’re proud of the message crafting, long-game relationship building, coordinating and legwork we put in to bring our clients, all together, into the spotlight.

Interested in sharing that media spotlight with an elite group of payments and fintech firms? Get in touch with us to see how we can elevate your brand and loop you into the conversations shaping the next wave of payments innovations.

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