Allow agency staff to own their work experience

in 2005, The Fletcher Group built a virtual team that put a focus on people and talent versus geographic location and traditional schedules. Here’s what we’ve learned from 15 years of experience in a virtual office where talented, ambitious people come together and own their work experience.

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TFG: Recent Client Coverage Highlights

At TFG, the end of 2020 and start of the new year has seen all hands on deck promoting our proprietary research with Blackhawk Network, landing national media stories for the RGCA, sharing fresh studies from MetaBank and Netspend and working in tandem with client marketing teams around the globe to strategically plan for the year ahead.

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Addressing the C-Suite’s Gender Imbalance

Women face numerous obstacles to career advancement and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. TFG Founder and President Jennifer Tramontana shares why the work of Wnet is helping to change the culture around women in the workplace.

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