Outsourced Marketing

Messaging That Resonates

Market factors are changing constantly, and this can mean big opportunity for your brand, if you pivot your brand positioning to keep pace. From new target audiences and emerging competitors; to product categories that are being created or reinvented right before our eyes, we must regularly re-evaluate messaging and brand positioning to ensure your brand is capturing share of voice. 

But first and foremost: to respond to a constantly changing world, your brand must have a foundation that is meaningful, timeless and unique.

Brand Positioning Workshops

We help businesses build a solid marketing foundation. Using our industry expertise, we conduct a thorough review of the competitive landscape and your buyer needs, and then create positioning and messaging that stands out and makes sense.

Our process is quick, thorough and effective. We ensure thoughtful, useful messaging frameworks that can be immediately applied to your entire PR and marketing strategy. At the same time, we follow proven, streamlined steps that don’t drag on for months or tie your team up in a lengthy, time-consuming project.  

Our process includes:

Product and Go-to-Market Positioning

Your core products should align with your foundational brand. But as your business evolves, buyer needs change or competitors redefine a category, connecting new products to your overarching brand requires smart and creative positioning.

We bring industry expertise and third-party perspective to help you articulate clear product benefit and go-to-market positioning that can be plugged into every sales channel. And the process is easily replicable as needed for future product iterations or other developments, giving you the right messages for buyers, influencers and referral sources at every stage of the relationship. Outcomes include:

  • Customer needs statements
  • New go-to-market positioning
  • Key messaging for product use cases and sales enablement materials

Case Studies

Establishing an integrated marketing effort

Prepaid technologies is one of the fastest-growing prepaid payments and rewards companies, taking the paper, the hassle and the expense out of payroll, purchasing, rewards, incentives and more. For the past five years we have delivered a sustainable content marketing program that drives brand awareness, leads, engagement and supports the complete sales cycle.

Creating recognized thought leaders in a competitive industry

We were retained by KO Law Firm, an innovative corporate and commercial law firm, to serve as its outsourced marketing department. Our primary goals are to increase brand awareness, showcase the expertise of the firm’s experienced attorneys in key practice and industry areas and drive new business.

Targeted marketing efforts through email campaigns

Arroweye is a fintech company that delivers real-time, innovative card solutions to the retail and prepaid industries. They wanted to expand into the credit and debit space with banks and needed to generate awareness about their company and their superior solutions.


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