Messaging That Resonates

To respond to a constantly changing world, your brand must have a foundation that is meaningful, timeless and break through.

Brand Positioning Workshops

We help businesses build a solid marketing foundation through our brand positioning workshops. Using our industry expertise, we conduct a thorough review of the competitive landscape and your buyer needs, and then create positioning and messaging that stands out.

Our process is quick, thorough and effective. We ensure thoughtful, useful messaging frameworks that can be immediately applied to your entire PR and marketing strategy. At the same time, we follow proven, streamlined steps that don’t drag on for months or tie your team up in a lengthy, time-consuming project.

Our process includes:

Product and Go-to-Market Positioning

Your core products should align with your foundational brand. But as your business evolves, buyer needs change or competitors redefine a category, connecting new products to your overarching brand requires smart and creative positioning.

We help you articulate clear product benefits and go-to-market positioning that can be plugged into every sales channel. And the process is easily replicable as needed for future product iterations or other developments, giving you the right messages for buyers, influencers and referral sources at every stage of the relationship. Outcomes include: buyer-specific messaging, new go-to-market positioning and key messaging for product use cases and sales enablement materials.

Case Studies

Eighteen months into the COVID pandemic and the ground still feels unsettled under our feet. So how do businesses plan for growth in a time of hyper-rapid change? We examine the top trends and technologies reshaping how PR and marketing teams approach 2022 and beyond.
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Repositioned a legacy player for the fintech revolution

Galileo Financial Technologies, an established payments technology company partnered with us to reintroduce itself to prospects and accelerate its leads from the fintech sector.

Positioned a fintech innovator for acquisition

RentBureau turned to The Fletcher Group to simplify its messaging, and build a groundswell of awareness that would support a successful exit strategy.

Launched a mobile payment app

The mobile app startup that helps you sell your car with the snap of a photo wanted to launch the app in their first major metropolitan market. We were tasked with generating ongoing PR buzz with product news.


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