Case Study


Expanded executive thought leadership on LinkedIn

Ubiquity, a leading CX provider, looked to The Fletcher Group to drive thought leadership for its co-founder on LinkedIn, with the goal of achieving two things: 1) Position the Ubiquity executive as a thought leader within the industry and earn recognition as an industry SME on CX, and 2) Connect with organizations, groups and individuals outside of Ubiquity’s own network to better own its voice in areas that matter to their business.​

The Fletcher Group developed a hands-on, comprehensive executive social media management program that included:​

  1. Content Strategy: We crafted a content strategy that aligned with Ubiquity’s brand voice and industry trends. This included a mix of thought-provoking articles, industry insights, and engaging visuals.​
  2. Executive Profile: We optimized the executive profile on LinkedIn to highlight their expertise, achievements, and contributions to the fintech sector.​
  3. Content Calendar: We created a content calendar to ensure a consistent posting schedule and maintain audience engagement.​
  4. Engagement Strategy: We implemented an engagement strategy to interact with the audience, respond to comments, and foster meaningful conversations.​
  5. Performance Monitoring: We continuously monitored the performance of the content and made data-driven adjustments to improve reach and engagement.
  • Increased Visibility: Ubiquity’s executives gained significant visibility within their target community, with impressive increases in followers and impressions, growing impressions by 51,000% in one year, and pacing at 2X follower growth for the year.​
  • Enhanced Engagement: The content generated high levels of engagement, including likes, comments, and shares, indicating a strong resonance with the audience, reaching a 74,000% increase in annual engagement for the executive page.​
  • Improved Brand Reputation: Ubiquity’s thought leadership initiatives helped enhance its brand reputation as an industry leader, fueled by executive thought leadership and visibility.