Case Study


Establishing the voice of an industry through earned media

The Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA) represents 110+ regional, national, and international brands in promoting the gift card industry in media, to consumers, to government and consumer protection agencies, and more. It also spurs industry growth by educating consumers on how to optimize their gift card experiences, leverage gift cards for unexpected and emerging use cases, and avoid fraud. The association aims to positively influence the industry’s and its own brand reputations in ways that benefit members, prospective members, collaborating organizations (e.g., BBB), and consumers.

We help the RGCA tell smart, informative stories about America’s most popular gift—generating positive national, regional, and trade media and social media coverage about gift cards. At the same time, we position RGCA leaders as credible experts and sources that help shape the narrative of stories that have the potential to negatively impact the industry.

Over the past 15 years we have established the RGCA as THE voice of the gift card industry, generating hundreds of powerful stories and providing fact-based comments to combat negative stories on a national stage. We have also helped the industry association position its relevance through payments disruption and change, including the move to digital offerings, fraud, and expansion of branded payments. There is rarely a story on gift cards that does not include commentary from RGCA, as gift cards have remained the most requested holiday gift for the past two decades (according to the National Retail Federation) and their uses continue to evolve and emerge.