Case Study


Establishing the voice of an industry through earned media

The Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA) represents 100+ regional and national brands. The organization promotes best practices to help the industry grow, shaping it in ways that benefit both members and consumers.

We help the RGCA to tell great stories about America’s most popular gift, generating positive media and social media coverage about gift cards. At the same time, we position RGCA leaders as credible experts and sources for retail and payments media. We conduct consistent media training, storytelling exercises and generating research studies with compelling visualizations.

Over the past 10 years we have established the RGCA as THE voice of the gift card industry generating hundreds of stories and providing fact-based comments to negative stories. We have also helped the industry association position its relevance through payments disruption and change, including the move to digital offerings, fraud and expansion of branded payments. There is rarely a story on gift cards that does not include commentary from RGCA or one of its members and gift cards have remained the most requested holiday gift for the past decade according to the National Retail Federation.