Case Study

Meta Financial Group/Pathward

A transformative campaign that included a strategic mix of research, marketing and PR

MetaBank®, a federally chartered bank and one of the largest innovative card issuers in the U.S., wanted to transform its brand perception from a community bank and traditional prepaid card issuer into an enabler of faster payments solutions for fintechs.

We created a transformative campaign that included a strategic mix of marketing and PR, grounded in original research to promote the campaign and launch Meta’s faster payments.

  • Meta surpassed its competitors for share of voice for the duration of the campaign and was front and center with prospects in industries they’d never been able to reach before.
  • 25 media placements and total earned media readership exceeding 38.6 million.
  • More than 110,000 social media and search impressions.
  • Visitors spent a whopping 6+ minutes on the infographic webpage.
  • The landing page and media coverage are still top sources of traffic to Meta’s website nearly a year later.