Forbes: Six Tips For Running Sponsored Content Campaigns On LinkedIn

Forbes LinkedIn Sponsored Content Image

Forbes recently published insights from Jennifer Tramontana, president and founder at The Fletcher Group, about the value of LinkedIn sponsored content for B2B organizations. The Fletcher Group executes LinkedIn sponsored content campaigns regularly for many of our B2B fintech, payments, retail and technology, clients, and we’ve learned a lot. The article expands on these six tips to help companies get the best LinkedIn sponsored content results.

1.     Create the right type of content.

2.     Begin with the end in mind.

3.     Take advantage of the opportunity to target your audience precisely.

4.     Compare cost per lead (CPL), not cost per click (CPC).

5.     Be willing to run multiple campaigns and optimize your best performers.

6.     LinkedIn is always changing. Embrace it.

Access the full tips and insights in the Forbes article here

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