Color trends impact us all. From home decor to fashion to event design, color and color expressions change. Brands, even B2B brands, are not immune. If your company is considering a website refresh in the next year, it would be wise to consider today’s color trends.

This list of seven key trends could get your creativity flowing:

  1. Palettes and patterns inspired by the 80s and 90s – everything old is new again!
  2. 50 shades of… pink
  3. Gradients – making a rapid comeback in web design
  4. Color-based interactions – using colors as indicators of how a user should interact with and experience a site
  5. Embracing Ultra Violet, Pantone’s color of the year
  6. Duotone – vibrant and contrasting shades to achieve the powerful effect
  7. Brutalism palettes – a wide range of colors fill oblique shapes, unexpected layouts, and sometimes-jarring patterns

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