Positioned a fintech innovator for acquisition

RentBureau was one of the original data providers to an alternative credit score: rental data. Through a proprietary platform and network, RentBureau amassed rental data from millions of Americans. The company turned to The Fletcher Group to simplify its messaging, and build a groundswell of awareness that would support a successful exit strategy.

The Fletcher Group worked with RentBureau to create a messaging platform that was simple, sharp and spoke directly to its unique value. From there, we executed a media relations program that leveraged thought leadership and hard news to lay a ground cover of coverage in an array of targeted national business media as well as payments, tech and multifamily trade media. We also collaborated with key associations and influencers to further credential RentBureau, including The Center for Financial Services Innovation (now known as the Financial Health Network) and Policy and Economic Research Council.

The Results

Following a year of aggressive PR strategies, RentBureau was successfully acquired by Experian.

The credit bureau giant recognized that reporting on rental payments served an important dual benefit, which we helped RentBureau to clearly articulate: offering property managers and resident screeners a more accurate and complete picture of renters and allowing consumers (including the unbanked) to build or rebuild good credit by paying rent on time.

We generated more than 200 media placements and more than 100 million impressions for RentBureau and its new, streamlined messaging.

Media Placements
Million Impressions
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