Founded an integrated marketing effort

Prepaid technologies is one of the fastest-growing prepaid payments and rewards companies, taking the paper, the hassle and the expense out of payroll, purchasing, rewards, incentives and more. For the past five years we have delivered a sustainable content marketing program that drives brand awareness, leads, engagement and supports the complete sales cycle.

The Results

LinkedIn: Organic growth of nearly 40 percent, averaging 25,000 impressions per month. Sponsored content beat industry averages for clicks and cost by more than 50 percent.

Twitter: 300 percent increase in follower growth in just six months.

Earned media coverage: Every thought leadership piece and news announcement became a top referral source.

Prepaid Technologies’ CMS: grew as a consistent top-10 referral source for the brand, driving campaign recipients click through from social and email channels to view key content on the site.

275% increase in website referrals

175% increase in referrals from sales partners

40,000 impressions from sponsored social media

300 %
increase in Twitter followers
LinkedIn impressions per month
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