Repositioned a legacy player for the fintech revolution

Galileo Financial Technologies, an established payments technology company partnered with us to reintroduce itself to prospects and accelerate its leads from the fintech sector.

Galileo needed a holistic and coordinated effort to get the most from their efforts so we drew on a mix of media, social, content and demand tactics to generate awareness and leads. We began by re-messaging the Galileo story and creating a responsive website to drive leads and nurture prospects. The new positioning and brand were unveiled through a media partnership/video shoot at Money 2020 with industry thought leaders leading to 10 new clients.

The Results

Galileo doubled its share of voice eclipsing its closest competitor by 50%. The newly designed, responsive website producing higher and quicker rates of conversion and increased web traffic by 434%. Most importantly, marketing and PR campaigns helped to close 10 enterprise deals.

In 2019, we conducted a robust, B2B organic and paid social media program across LinkedIn and Twitter. We executed 104 LinkedIn sponsored content campaigns by publishing high engaging content using an account-based marketing strategy to target key companies across the fintech and payments industries. It resulted in 50 leads, 600,000 impressions, 100% increase in LinkedIn follower growth and 475% increased engagement on LinkedIn.

475 %
increased engagement on LinkedIn
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